5 Essentials Every Couple Needs for the Perfect Beach Day

Headed to catch some sun, sand, and sea? We have compiled a list of beach day essentials for you and your partner. At Dante’s Beach Rentals, we offer beach gear to protect you from the sun and keep you comfortable.

Here are the five items you need for the perfect couple’s beach day in New Smyrna or Daytona Beach.

1. New Smyrna Beach Umbrella Rentals

Beach umbrellas give you a shady place to rest when you’re not in the water or building sandcastles. With our New Smyrna beach umbrella rentals, you can cool off and stay safe from sunburn. The umbrella comes with an anchor and tilt features for optimal sun protection and comfort.

2. An Incredibly Cool Cabana

Cabanas help you enjoy your romantic beach day in style. Our Cool Cabana rental option has storage pockets for all of your beach day essentials like sunscreen and books. The gazebo frame gives you plenty of space to sprawl out and relax under the cabana giving you the perfect shade to relax while looking at the ocean in Daytona Beach.

3. Plenty of Sunscreen

This one is obvious – broad-spectrum SPF. You need to protect your skin when you’re out in the sun. Sunburn makes a romantic beach getaway much less enjoyable. Additionally, you reduce your risk of skin cancer when you regularly apply sunscreen at the beach.

4. New Smyrna Beach Chair Rentals

Our beach chair options range from long lounge chairs to camping-style chairs. No matter how you like to kick back and relax at the beach, we have options for everyone. You will need somewhere comfortable to sit to enjoy the day with your partner. Ditch the “towel seat” and opt for one of our relaxing beach chairs instead.

5. A Cooler

A cooler is a must-have for your couple’s beach day. You will want to stay hydrated and enjoy refreshing beverages during your beach date. Our 62-quart rolling cooler rental gives you plenty of storage for your favorite drinks on your hot beach date.

Join in on the beach fun with your date at Dante’s Beach Rentals, where we have all your needs for the perfect sun-filled beach day at Daytona Beach or New Smyrna Beach!

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