Keep Cool This Summer With Beach Rentals in New Smyrna Beach

Being under the sun with the waves crashing by your feet is something everyone would love to experience this summer – especially if you’re vacationing in New Smyrna Beach. With plenty to see and do, New Smyrna Beach can be an ideal spot for a beach holiday this summer, especially for families looking to spend some quality time together!

But let’s face it, as amazing as the Florida sunshine feels, it can get quite harsh sometimes too – especially if you’re spending all day outside lazing around at the beach. Luckily, New Smyrna Beach cabana and umbrella rentals can help with that, providing you with some relief from the sun when it gets too much.

Quick and easy drop off

Cabana and umbrella rentals from Dante’s Beach Rentals are an easy solution for a family or individuals looking to set up a comfortable spot for themselves at the beach this summer. All you need to do is call in advance and share details about where you want your rental beach equipment dropped off and we’ll make sure it gets there right in time for you to start your day.

Shade and comfort

Carrying around beach chairs and umbrellas can be one of the most frustrating parts about a beach holiday. With beach rentals, however, you don’t have to worry about transporting all the gear. You can receive your chosen equipment at a location of your choice and set it up easily to enjoy the rest of your day. With a sturdy cabana or umbrella providing you with shade, you can protect yourself from a sunburn and direct exposure to the heat. Keep all your beach bags and coolers under your chosen shade and mark a relaxing spot for yourself while you enjoy watching the waves and crowds at the beach.

If you’re ready to plan your New Smyrna Beach vacation now, call us at Dante’s Beach Rentals and we’d be happy and ready to help!

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